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Soft Window Treatments

In the last blog you must have gotten a sense of how customized window treatment can profoundly impact a space in a way that does not necessarily rob your wallet! Continuing with this understanding of the window coverings, let us now talk about the different window treatments available in today’s market.

There are primarily two types of window treatments:

1. Hard window treatment and

2. Soft window treatment.

As the name suggests, hard window treatments are the type of window coverings which are typically made from wood, vinyl or aluminum. Commonly seen hard window coverings include shutters and blinds. But a major draw back of them is that they can be very monotonous- your eyes will often just glance over them.

Soft window treatments on the other hand are made by using different fabrics and colors. Drapes, curtains, valances, roman shades, and roller shades are soft window coverings that are the most in demand. The color, texture, and variety of fabrics used for the treatment enhance the aesthetics of any place. This treatment is good by itself. But if customized designing, styling and matching accessories are used, it can amplify the beauty of the space. In fact, it can also be used to cover the monotonous look of hard window coverings you have already installed.

Let us gain a more in depth understanding of the different types of soft window treatments that can create the dream look you desire.


Drapes provide the most luxurious ambience as compared to other window treatments. Drapes are formal window coverings made from heavier fabrics and they are always tailored longer in height. They are designed to have a voluminous look through gathering. Gathering is achieved by adding more fabric by window width. For example, if the width of the fabric is the same as the width of the window it can look shoddy. But if you double the width of the fabric in relation to the window, it can achieve a graceful and rich fall. This is because drapes have more of a purpose than just covering a window. Drapes provide a good insulation due to their multiple layering. They are heavier to operate and need a drawstring and/or tract to operate easily. They require dry cleaning due to their length and weight. They are mostly designed along with valances for formal dining areas of elegant homes and in some high end restaurants and hotels.


Curtains are the most versatile soft window treatments. They can be used in any setting, giving a sophisticated interior. They are best used to break the repetitive look of shutters and blinds. Curtains are lighter than drapes and can be operated easily on the curtain rod. They can be machine washed with a gentle cycle selection. They can be layered with blackout fabric to give an insulating effect without being too heavy to operate. They are mostly used in informal rooms like dormitories, homes, offices, healthcare units.

Drapes and curtains by themselves can give a majestic look to your room. But the hardware and accessories used for them can enhance the overall look further. Some hardware and accessories used for the curtains and drapes that we offer are:

  1. Designer Rods

  2. Drapery ceiling tracks

  3. Automated tracks

  4. Finial ends

  5. Designer draperies hold backs

  6. Designer tassel trims etc.

Customizing the hardware and accessories is easy and is the best way to give a complete look to your soft window treatment.


Valances are type of soft window treatments which are typically installed on top of windows. They have their own signature style that isn’t lost even if you simply put them over a bare window. For example, a valance can be placed on a window frame without drapes or shades, in spaces such as a kitchen or dining room. In these spaces, an open window is required for brightness and freshness, but you’re still able to treat them with valances. Valances can be designed in different styles using a variety of fabrics in accordance with the space’s requirements. Like in traditional décor, waterfall valances and multi layered swags are used the most. Whereas for a contemporary look, box-pleated valances, fabric cornices, and many more styles are used.

Nowadays, designers are designing heavy curtains in front of a waterfall valance. Yes, you read it right!

This is designed to break the traditional look of waterfall valences that we have been seeing for a long time. This approach in styling hides the old traditional valance underneath the heavy drapes. The valance is only visible when the drapes are moved aside.


Shades are designed for the modern and simple look. They are made from different type of fabrics and are typically known as roman shades. They are designed to install as inside mount or outside mount of the window frame. Outside frame shades are mounted on a T bracket or L bracket or a wooden panel on top of the window frame. They barely cover the window frame but are easy to measure and install than inside mount shades. On the other hand, inside mount shades are installed within the window frame. For this reason, accurate measurements are required. It gives a clean and precise look to the window. Some light can peek through the sides if they are not sized properly, which can happen especially with store-bought shades. Shades require less fabric than drapes and curtains.

Aadiaum provides all the above soft window treatments with designing options you will fall in love with! We can work together to make your dream home come true by customizing your window coverings with the beautiful fabrics and designs we offer.

Book us online to design your dream home. Check what our customers have to say about us at Google business page.

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